Sonny Angel Christmas Ornament Series 2022

Sonny Angel

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Sonny Angel Christmas Ornament Series 2022

This year’s Christmas series can also be enjoyed as an ornament. The design is inspired by wooden ornaments lined up in a warmly lit Christmas market. Decorate your Christmas tree or your room with Sonny Angel to bring a little warmth and comfort to the dark, cold winter. Spend this winter colorfully and happily with Sonny Angel!

Of course, you can enjoy Sonny Angel Christmas figures like conventional mini figures – standing side by side in your collection. If you hang them on your tree, colorful Sonny Angels will add brightness to your Christmas celebrations.

All mini figures are pre-strung. Ready to be displayed as an ornament.

There are 6 types of figures + 4 secrets for a total of 10 types. Half the fun is finding out which Sonny Angel you will meet when you open the package.