Sonny Angel Message of Love

Sonny Angel

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Sonny Angel Message of Love

Sonny Angel holds a big heart in both hands. On each heart you will find the words, “I love you” in different languages.
Decorated in pastel pink tones with hearts decorating his clothes, Sonny Angel will help you convey your love to that special someone.
On Valentine’s Day or any special day, why not ask Sonny Angel to help you say, “I love you” in languages of the world.


The popular animal motifs and heart designs combine to create a healing series full of heart throbbing “kawaii”. Just seeing the colorful hearts will bring a feeling of love and comfort.

6 kinds + 2secrets


Each package is filled with the sentiment “I love you”. The cute hearts are visible from every angle. On the top of each box is a design of the earth with the wish: “A message of love from Japan to the world.”