Jinart was established in August 2015 based in Taiwan. Initially, it took brand and packaging design as operation projects to help customers improve corporate image and product competitiveness in brand construction and product packaging. In 2017, it began to conceive how to create a better brand image for different industries in a longer-term form. Therefore, Start the smart property authorization development plan. Through continuous innovation and change, authorized brands can step into different fields such as goods, images, spaces, stores, publicity, activities, etc. through different forms of presentation, hoping to bring a little fun to people's lives and bring closer through broader creative development. The distance between people brings unpredictable pleasure to your daily life.

JINART Enterprise Spirit

Through different illustration brands and daily updated illustration stories on various community platforms, you can have more room for healing in your life. I also hope that our original intention can enable more people to find their own way to heal their moods in life.

JINART Business Philosophy

We hope to share these short stories with our friends around us while healing ourselves through the short stories updated every day, bringing people closer to people, hearts and hearts. I ALSO HOPE THAT THROUGH OUR CAREFULLY DESIGNED SMALL GOODS, WE CAN BE WITH EACH PERSON IN LIFE AND REMEMBER THE MOMENT OF LAUGH WHEN YOU ARE SORED, SO THAT EVEN IF YOU ARE A PERSON NOW, YOU WILL NOT FEEL LONELY. THIS IS THE CORE CONCEPT OF JINART'S CREATING AN ILLUSTRATION BRAND CAREER.