APO Frogs 12 Months series by TwelveDot

Xinghui Creations

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APO Frogs 12 Months series by TwelveDot

The newest edition to join TwelveDot! 12 Months of APO Frogs, each unique design represents a particular month.

This new blind box series from TwelveDot x Xinghui Creations features 2 secret chasers too!

If you order a single blind box, you will receive a random design from the 13 available designs. You do not necessarily receive the design for the particular month that you order in. 

If you order a case of 12 blind boxes, each case will have 11 regular ones (Feb to Dec) plus either one duplicate regular one or one of the two chaser ones (Jan or Special Dec).

If you would like a particular month/design - please check our 'Opened Box' section of the website to check availability.