BOXCAT Traffic Collection (Opened box)

Finding Unicorn

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BOXCAT Traffic Collection

Rato Kim and Finding Unicorn are back with a new series of blind boxes with the Traffic Collection. 

A day in the BOXCAT town

Long time ago, cats were squeezed into a box and turned into transportation of RATOKIM town.

Although their bodies are bound, their souls are free.


BOXCAT is satisfied with the status quo, and promised to protect this little town.


Let’s experience a day with them together in this town....


There are 12 forms of transportation to collect plus 2 chasers. These BOXCATs come in blind boxes and you will receive a random character which you will not know which one it is until opened. If you order 12 blind boxes, you will receive a full set with the chance that some of the standard transportations being replaced by a chaser transporter.