The SLLO - Sport Series (Opened boxes)

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The SLLO - Sport Series

Brought yo you by Choi Soo Hyun, a Korean artist, and F.UN. When Choi Soo Hyu was a child, she dreamed of becoming a character designer out of her love for toys and various characters. Hoping to create characters that would give people comfort and empathy, she created SLLO. The SLLO image of 'Project the SLLO' is a combination of the hikikomori and the slow-moving but laid back sloth. 

There are four partners. 'HIKI', 'COCO'. 'MOMO', and LI-E', out of the daily posture, in a more flexible way, express the dynamic sense of movement. When enjoying sports in daily life, if friends like SLLO are with you, you can definately double the happiness. What kind of sports that each of the second generation SLLOs is good at? Let them reveal the answer for us!


There are 12 regular designs and 2 hidden/special editions to collect.