Tonton House "Dancing Tonton Friends" Set of 4


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Tonton House "Dancing Tonton Friends"

Tonton Friends are the globally much-loved animal characters that came from Korea. It is the first collaboration with TOYZEROPLUS, and we are bringing out the “Dancing Tonton Friends” figure series this summer!

With the theme of the music festival, the four characters act as performers on the stage! Let’s introduce them one by one:

  • Tobi the rabbit is cheerfully playing lively beats with a pair of sand hammers.
  • Bella the cat is sweetly sending her heart to everyone.
  • The shy bear, Winnie, is playing guitar and singing
  • Yuta, the popular Shiba Inu, is dancing happily, too!

This is a set of 4, so you will receive Tobi, Bell, Winnie and Yuta in the set along with a backdrop card. 

Their cute and lively dancing gestures immediately upheld the summer holiday mood. Come and join their music festival now. Dancing Tonton Friends.