Dyno - Misty Rose

Fluffy House

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Dyno - Misty Rose brought to us by Fluffy House.

DYNO loves wandering through the nature.

One day when he passed by a forest surrounded by thick fog, he was attracted by a unique scent which he had never smelled before. He thus decided to get inside and trace the source.

As he followed the scent trail, he finally found out the owner, a misty rose which has grown beautifully among the trees and grasses.

When he tried to get closer, he felt that the lovely flower was smiling shyly at him. It made DYNO's heart beat so fast for the first time and the color of the misty rose gradually covered his whole body.

Misty Rose DYNO symbolizes the unique and shy feeling of love which we have once experienced.

Size: 4"
Material: Vinyl