Farmer Bob Color Blind Box Series

Finding Unicorn

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Farmer Bob Color Blind Box Series brought to us by Finding Unicorn and Korean artist Jo Young Woon.

In this series, ''Life is like a white paper, but colors gives it a new life''. Bob decorates the world with infinite colors. Looking for the same or different people in the color world. Bob has a very tolerant attitude towards other colors in the world. All kinds of life is worth respecting. 

Founded the brand 'Farmer Bob' in 2013. The name Bob was taken from the artist's favourite painter Bob Ross and a reggae musician Bob Marley. Different from people's conventional impression of the traditional farmer image, Bob's image has attempted to make a breakthrough design in modelling and painting. It is versatile in style, of a superior sense in color matching, and thus highly imaginative and malleable, or more than 20 million fans worldwide. 


There are 12 regular designs in this series and 2 secret designs. If you purchase a single blind box, you will receive a random design. If you buy a case, you will receive 12 regular designs, or 11 regular designs and a secret design.