Kwistal Fwenz x Avatar: The Last Airbender Series 1 by Mighty Jaxx

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Kwistal Fwenz x Avatar: The Last Airbender Series 1 by Mighty Jaxx

The Avatar is the embodiment of light and peace, as well as the only being capable of bending all four elements. But when he was most needed, he vanished. One day, Katara and her brother, Sokka, stumbled across the Avatar—Aang— in a frozen state. And thus the legend of Aang begins!


This Kwistal Fwenz series highlights the signature fighting style of each character in a way that mimics the beauty of a precious gem. Read on to learn more about the characters in this Funboxx series!


The Avatar Himself, Aang
From a playful child to the savior of the world, Aang has grown in his world view and knows where to take things seriously. This Funboxx highlights his native airbending skills, together with his trusty staff, in a translucent gem-like finish!


Making Waves with Katara
As the mother figure of the group, Katara is strong, compassionate, and fiercely protective, albeit emotionally driven at times. Throughout their travels, she served as Aang’s waterbending teacher. Her Kwistalized waterbending abilities are stylized in a beautiful shade of blue, much like the sea.


The Non-Bender Sokka
Being a non-bender hasn’t stopped Sokka from holding his own in the Gaang. Using his sharp wits, he became the strategist of the group, eventually masterminding the plan for the invasion of the Fire Nation. His treasured boomerang, a gift from his father, captures the essence of a precious gem.


Fiery Emotions of Zuko
Zuko’s character arc throughout the series saw arguably the biggest change—once a banished young prince, struggling to regain honor (and love from his dad), he grows to develop his own moral system which ultimately leads to him joining Team Avatar and overthrowing his father as Fire Lord.


Drink Tea with Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh is definitely a fan-favorite character with his tear-jerking rendition of Leaves from the Vines being a powerful glimpse into his experiences. Wise and perceptive, he has always encouraged Zuko to follow his own path, instead of the one carved by the Royal Lord. Both Zuko and Iroh’s firebending resembles a fiery, red gem, filled with passion.


Don’t Mess with Toph
Toph is one of the most powerful earthbenders of her time— inventing metalbending. She’s been blind since birth, which has made others treat her condescendingly. However, she acquires a tough personality and eventually joins the team as Aang’s earthbending teacher. The ground around her captures light in an eye-catching way, highlighting her earthbending skills.


Ultra Rare: Appa and Momo
The duo, Appa and Momo, are the animal companions of Team Avatar. Both are victims of the Air Nomad genocide, with Momo being the last known winged lemur species alive and Appa being frozen alongside Aang. As the last remnants of the Air Nation, the two animals share a strong bond with Aang. Flying on a cloud of gems, they take Team Avatar across the world on their travels!

Experience the story of Aang and friends all over again in the KwistalFwenz Funboxx series! Balance must be restored in the world. 


3.5” PVC/Vinyl Blindbox
No repeats in Tray of 6, rare character not guaranteed
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- Recommended for Ages 15+
- WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years
- This is not a toy. This is collectible art