Lulu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws


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Lulu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws

The first symptom of being a cat slave is probably "addicted to cat cuddles", and the second is probably "obsession with cat paws" 🐈! LuLu The Piggy transforms into Kitty, relaxing for a day playing with a ball of yarn🧶, waving its paw to say HELLO👋🏻~ Would you like to feel the warmth and softness of these QQ Paws too 🐽?

LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws🐈

📦Includes: LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws + LuLu The Piggy Yarn Ball*1 + Paw Accessory*1

Lulu approx 12cm