Lulu the Piggy's Travel Series (Opened box)


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Lulu the Piggy's Travel Series Blind Box by Cici’s Story and ToyZeroPlus 

This summer, LuLu the Piggy embarks on a brand new journey with you ✈️

The suitcase 🧳 is not only filled with essentials for the trip but also brimming with excitement and anticipation 🤩~ Whether it's the adorable bear hat or the sunglasses, wear them all! Show the cutest outfits on this vacation 🥰 and don't forget to capture every wonderful moment with the camera shutter 📸.
Embrace the sound of raindrops with an umbrella ☔ and patiently wait for sunshine day with Teru Teru Bozu☀️

Hold hands with LuLu the Piggy and let the wind 🍃 take you to every corner of the world 🌏. Find your way!

The styles inside LuLu The Piggy's Travel Blind Box Series are randomly packed, with one design per box and kept confidential until opened. The probability of regular style is "1:8," while the hidden style have a probability of "Small Hidden 3:96, Big Hidden 1:96".