Lulu the Wizard


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Lulu The Wizard blind box series by Cici’s Story and ToyZeroPlus. 

There are 7 Normal designs + 1 Hidden edition + 1 Super hidden edition.

(All 7 normal designs in 1 set box, the 8th design may be repeated or hidden
edition / super hidden edition.)


Magic Pot

Legend has it that you will earn a super great power if you
soak in a toad magic soup for seven days! However, the
soup is too warm that many Lulu have fallen asleep inside!

Magic Guard
As a magic guard, Lulu protects every kid who get lost in
the forest, keeping them away from any beasts and evil
forces, and guarding them to return home safely.

Magic Spell (lying pose)
Lulu who break the spell of “eating too much” will be petrified
when they eat the 100th piece of cake. This is a spell created
by Lulu’s first generation, who were worried that other Lulu
could not fly because of eating too much and getting obese.

Magic Owl
When its magic reaches level 8, Lulu will be able to pet an owl, at
the same time their judging skills and flying speed will be
enhanced. However, when their owl has been attacked, Lulu the
wizard will also be hurt, which they connect to each other all the

Flying Broom
Lulu who are lightweight will be recruited as professional
“pilots”. They fly to monitor and protect the forest. Also, they
are often sent to collect food.

Crystal Ball
Every year in the winter, Lulu wizards gather together and
predict the upcoming year by crystal ball.

Magically Falling
Edacious Lulu always fall from the broom when flying, because
they are attracted by the scent of food from human world.