Molly Finding Big Ear

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Molly travels around the world in search of Big Ear that went missing. A cat-like creature of mythical proportions! Molly takes on the guise of each country she visits as she scours the earth for this elusive beast. Join her on her travels!

These come in Blind Boxes so you will not know which one you have until you have opened it. 

There are 12 kinds to collect plus the he ''secret'' version (Big Ear). If you purchase a full case, you will receive a full set and have the chance of one of the standard ones being replaced by the 'secret' one.

- Eskimo
- Cowboy
- Queen's Guard
- Viking
- Samurai
- Matador
- Aboriginal
- Roman Warrior
- Indian
- Terra Cotta Warrior
- Napoleon
- Egyptian Pharaoh