My Home Cat Series 3

Fluffy House

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My Home Cat Series 3 brought to us Fluffy House.

Cats are such funny furry beings.

They always surprise us with mysterious acts! This time, My Home Cats are showing us their “ADORKABLE” - adorable and dorky side.

Beyond ordinary postures, the cats are now busy at lifting up their legs. Some are cleaning up themselves, some are stretching, some are just doing it for no reason.

At this moment, there’s only one thing we know for sure: You just can’t take your eyes off them! Meow~ 🐾

*Material: PVC
*Figure size: W4.4 x D4 x H4 (cm)
*Box size: W5 x D5 x H10 (cm)
*360 degrees rotating head

*There are 13 designs to collect including 12 regular ones and one secret design.

* Each blind box contains one random design.