PP X MONSTER Daruma Guardian


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PP X MONSTER Daruma Guardian Blind Box Series from ToyZeroPlus

PP BABY spent his time to travel around the world to explore human beings all over the earth🌎 After some adventure journeys, he collected various wishes from human beings. PP BABY is determined to become Daruma who give you luck and safe every day🤍

Each Daruma has different attributes and metaphors and bring you blessing through the week! The big hidden Daruma has the metaphor of "Rest Day", so that you can forget the tireness of the day! Collect a set of PP X Monster Lucky Daruma Blind Box and let PP BABY guard your every day㊗️

PP X MONSTER Daruma Guardian Blind Box

Designs: Contains 6 blind boxes in 1 whole set; including all 6 normal styles, the 6th style may have a chance to be a special/ secret edition.
Size: approx. 7-8CM tall