Roro Jump Dessert Ville


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 Roro Jump Dessert Ville brought to us from Funism.

ROROJUMP is the only Earthling on the Milk Sugar Planet,
The chief of space affairs, who has been selected by the global village chief, comes to the milk sugar planet to carry out a secret mission.
Together with Lily, Wasi, and Orange, 3 cute members form the ROROJUMP family.
They have different personalities, and are endless charming. Their state of life represents a side of each of our lives.

ROROJUMP family has ROROJUMP, Lily, Wasi, Orange 4 lovely members, they have different personality, charm unlimited. Their state of life represents the side of each of us’ lives. Let every friend who likes meat sauce find their own lovely side.

This series contains 9 regular designs and 3 secret design.