Sonny Angel Cat Life series

Sonny Angel

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Sonny Angel Cat Life series

In this series, Sonny Angel is turned into a Cat! The gentle gaze and warm presence of cats harmonize with the charm of Sonny Angel, soothing our minds and healing daily fatigue. Cute cats are familiar to us and help to add meaning to our daily lives. In addition to the expected secret figures, special “lucky figures” have been added for this series. Enjoy the feline world with 14 Sonny Angels in adorable cat costumes.

Cats engrossed in play. Mischievous cats. Cats that eat their meals with relish. When we are with cats, they show us various expressions and give us comfort. This series combines the charm of cats with the healing power of Sonny Angel. If you arrange the figures in your room, you can create a happy space capturing adorable cats at play.

Cats have different colors, sizes and personalities. Regardless of the shade or pattern of their coats, all are lovable. We hope you will find your favorite cat in this series. All exhibit natural colors that blend easily with your room so we recommend them as interior design accents.

There are 9 styles + 3 Lucky Figures + 2 Secret Figures for a total of 14 types. Half the fun is finding out which Sonny Angel you will meet when you open the package.